How to win a Jackpot?

That’s easy, you get lucky. Clickbait question – solved, but read on! it’s interesting…

How did Helena win £89,733 on Pig Wizard Jackpot?

During Helena K’s search for ways to relieve the boredom, she happens to notice an advertisement for an online sports betting site offering free bets after a small deposit. Helena decides that she may as well try using the complimentary reward since she almost does not need to spend any of her own money to try it.

While the match was on, Helena tried a few different games on the site, surprisingly, she hits a huge jackpot on Pig Wizard slot. The jackpot amount is an astonishing £89,733. Helena is excited because the money she won is enough to go on a cruise around the world she always dreamed of.

Although Helena has won a small fortune thanks to the giveaway, she is not the only player to win a large jackpot when betting on sports games. Since the start of the giveaway on March 2017, the online bookmaker has awarded more than 2,531 people located all over the UK with money won from this “welcome bonus”.

The giveaway was recently reactivated and is going to end soon. So far Ladbrokes has paid out exactly £3,3657,32.481 in winnings during June 2017 when it was active first. Kate, a news reporter, wanted to try her luck as well. She does not win a jackpot. However, she does win £25.60. Kate says, “My guess is that Helena is a fortunate girl!”

Currently, there are a few welcome offers still available, Claim them now;
bet £5 get £20 for sports betting or deposit £10 get £50 for casino games.

While Helena didn’t agree to reveal her identity; here are  a few gals who did:

1. Lisa Potter

2. Laura Ferry – from “What Laura Loves”

3. Liv Boeree

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