5 Reasons Why the Traditional Casino Experience is dead

5 Reasons Why the Traditional Casino Experience is dead

The latest figures from the UK Gambling Commission show that online casinos rake in £2.4 billion of the £4.5 billion revenue enjoyed by the online gambling industry. As a result, online casinos account for over one-sixth of all gambling revenue and its share of the pie is increasing on an annual basis.

Meanwhile, land-based casinos earned £1.2 billion, half the amount earned by its online equivalent. Moreover, Punto Banco is responsible for the majority of this rise in revenue.

Since the introduction of online casinos in the UK in 1996, the industry has seen a significant increase regarding interest and revenue. As a result, there has been a significant decline in the number of people who venture into traditional land-based casinos and here are five reasons why.

1 – Proximity

There are approximately 140 land-based casinos in the UK; not a lot for a population of over 60 million people. While most cities have at least one venue, there are large parts of Britain that lack a casino. As a result, it is not practical for someone to travel 70 miles just to play a game of Baccarat.

The beauty of online casinos is that you have the ability to place a bet 24/7/365. Online casinos are never closed (barring the occasional short break for maintenance) so as long as your Internet connection is good; you could win a jackpot in Land’s End or John O’Groats.

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2 – Choice of Games

There’s no question that most UK casinos are well laid out but the choice of games pales in comparison to its online equivalent. While a land-based casino has roulette, blackjack, punto banco, slots, and various forms of poker, online casinos have all of the above plus a whole lot more!

Even a cursory look at the Ladbrokes online casino will prove this point. There are dozens of slot games alone such as Heart of the Frontier, Jackpot Giant and Age of the Gods. Each game has its own unique set of rules of bonuses, and if you crack the jackpot, you will walk away with a life-changing sum of money.

3 – More Bonuses

Land-based casinos have a tendency to save bonuses for bigger players. It is a completely different story with online casinos. Competition is fierce so you will find dozens of terrific offers and welcome bonuses. One of the most popular is the No Deposit bonus which is a common feature amongst casinos with slot games. It is possible to try out a machine for free. However, there are certain restrictions with regards to withdrawing the money you win.

Likewise, there are Welcome Bonuses such as Free Credits and top-ups to your balance when you deposit a certain amount. There may even be intermittent bonuses awarded to players for consistent play. Overall, it probably costs you a lot less to get started with an online casino.

4 – A Changing Atmosphere

In simple terms, online casinos are for players while land-based venues are becoming more family-orientated with an emphasis on entertainment. Take the Las-Vegas Style Manchester 235 casino for example; a fine establishment no doubt but it is more interested in luring families than gamers.

Manchester 235 has bars, restaurants, and ‘experience packages’; it also hosts events and functions. While this is brilliant news if you’re looking for a good evening or night out, it doesn’t really involve gaming. Ironically, you can have a great time at a casino if you don’t like gambling! If you like a bet, however, there are too many distractions that could throw you off your game.

While UK casinos have admittedly relaxed rules regarding dress code, it is still an irritation if you drive 50 miles only to be refused entry for not wearing the right clothes! With an online casino, you can create your own atmosphere. Online casinos don’t care if you want to kick back relax and put your feet on the sofa.

5 – Speed of Play & Payouts

It is fairly unusual to read reports of players winning huge money from land-based casinos. Sure, there are a few cases where lucky punters end up with a five-figure payday, but it doesn’t compare to the array of remarkable wins on online casino games. Back in 2012, a British player won £5.8 million on the Dark Knight progressive jackpot, the largest ever casino win at that time.

There has been an array of seven-figure wins since, and a couple of eight-figure ones too. One punter hit £6.2 million on the Beach Life Slot game while a librarian won £4.5 million while playing Jackpot Giant on her mobile. Even these amazing figures don’t match Jonathon Heywood’s £13.2 million wins or a Finnish man’s win of over £19 million.

Then there is the small matter of faster play and a reduction in dealer error. For example, a skilled online poker player can play dozens of tables at once. If you have a profitable system, its winning potential multiplies. Also, when you play online, you can win via predictive analytics as well as skill.

Offline casinos are more prone to dealer error; this can be an advantage to savvy blackjack players for example, but someone with average skill may not gain the benefits. Land-based casinos probably favor ‘high rollers’ as they can make deals with casinos in return for a large amount of play. Again, however, this doesn’t apply to 95% of players.

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Proponents of land-based casinos may take umbrage with any suggestion that the traditional experience is dead. Even they must admit that the rise of online casinos means land-based venues could one day be on life support. The combination of better payouts, greater convenience, improved comfort, and choice of games means online casinos have a set of unbeatable advantages over their land-based rivals.


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